A place to relax


High-pressure workdays, long commutes, raising kids, not enough sleep or exercise, trying to make ends meet.  The accumulated stresses of everyday life can damage your health in irreversible ways.  Research consistently shows that stress usually causes a person to make more mistakes. Besides making you forget where you put your keys, stress also can have dramatic negative impacts on your health.

Stress makes you lose your cool, it has been linked to many illnesses and gum disease, it affects your love life, it can make you gain weight and looks older, it weakens your immune system, and can lead to long-term disability. Life stresses carry their own weight.  The potential dangers created by even mild stress should not be underestimated. 

About 40% of adults in the United States say they use some form of alternative treatments or therapies.  In theory, anyone can benefits from alternative therapies.  It doesn’t matter if they are sick or healthy.  Everyone will respond differently to each practice.  Many of these approaches can have an enormous positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

At the A Sanctuary Within, we are the bridge on your journey to health and wellness. We use combination of different healing arts to detox and relax your body and mind so your body will self-healing it.  Our mission is to provide natural alternatives for those that are searching for a holistic path to wellness. 

現代的社會型態, 大家都有許多來自工作, 塞車, 養育小孩, 睡眠不足, 運動不夠等等的壓力,  而長期累積下來的壓力會對身體健康上造成許多問題. 

研究報告顯示, 壓力是萬病之源, 從記憶力衰退, 脾氣暴躁, 牙齦疾病, 體重增加, 提早衰老, 免疫力降低等等, 因壓力所帶來的潛在危險是不容忽視的.

有四成的美國人使用另類療法或自然療法, 不論你健康與否, 每個人對自然療法的反應也許不同, 但是都可以從自然療法上得到幫助.   

在A Sanctuary Within, 我們期許自己成為你和健康的橋樑, 我們搭配不同的自然療法來幫助你身體上的排毒, 心理上的放鬆, 所以你本身的免疫系統可以增強, 讓你的身體能夠自己慢慢療癒.